Get to know our secretary, Debbie Frost…

How did God bring you to Idaville?

I have always enjoyed working in a small office environment and in a receptionist role. Being a church secretary is my idea of a dream job. I really love it here.

Your favorite summer passtime?

Camping with my family must be #1 but being out-of-doors doing just about anything with my family is awesome. God has created the most amazing things in His nature. I love being out in it whether I am camping, skiing, canoeing or riding horses.

Where did you and your husband meet?

We attended the same high school which had a Youth For Christ Club. I was a very new Christian when we met but we were both comitted to a lifetime committment to God and marriage. I was married at the age of 19.

Most meaningful passage of scripture to you:

Romans 8:28 = And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him… I have had to check this one often to make sure it still said all things as I have gone through those difficult days called life and it is always a reminder that God hasn’t changed and He sees the BIG picture of my life.

Person that made the biggest impact on you?

I would say definitely my parents ~ my father taught me how to work hard, love family and enjoy being out-of-doors hiking and camping. My mother was a devoted prayer warrior and always helped me to see the other person’s perspective on any problem I was having.

Most amazing thing that Jesus has done for you?

After the gift of His life for me, I would say the gift of a committed husband. That for better or worse, rich or poor, young or old ~ he is committed to learning how to make our marriage better.